March 18, 2012

The Wedding Singer

Wedding Singer: Hold the Cheese
A few weeks ago Kevin and I met with a DJ/emcee that's pretty popular on the coast. While we had a great chat with him and he seemed like he could really meet our needs for the wedding reception, his rates are way out of our price range and the folks with the checkbook told me I needed to seek other options.

Since I knew a live band (a good one) would be well over our price range also, I decided I should contact Jesse Hill. He's a local college guy with a voice that with your eyes closed you'd swear was Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble. Jesse's dad Bill is an old friend of my parents' and he used to be in a band himself. We actually hired Jesse two years ago for a company holiday event. He wowed the crowd.

Bill told us Jesse would be performing at the Palace Casino this past Friday night so my parents and aunt and I went out to hear him. He was as great as I remembered (even with a sore throat having just driven in from spring breaking at Panama City Beach). He's able to provide live singing, emceeing and can DJ for a fraction of the cost of the other guy we'd talked to. I'm happy with our choice and am glad to be supporting a local young guy with a bright future.

I took this video so Kevin could hear him sing, as well. Sorry for the crappy quality of the video, it was dark in the lounge and I didn't want to be THAT girl who turned the light on her camera. We love this song. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! His voice!! he single? ;-)


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