March 1, 2012

Project: Wedding Date

Holy crap. This process is kicking my butt. The emotions I've experienced since getting engaged have ranged from ultimate euphoria to wanting to pull my hair out.
Oddly enough I found
this image on a bridal website

And it's not even been three weeks yet. I KNOW. We're pretty dead-set on a 2012 wedding especially considering I'm moving back in with the parents and as much as I love dad and #momzilla, I'd rather that stay not be longer than it has to be.

We decided fall would be a nice time to get married. The coast is beautiful in the fall and we have to plan at least 6 months out to take the required marriage preparation classes through the church. Requirement number 1, check.

Kevin has two friends getting married in September and one that is in the Marines not returning until October, okay, dealing well. And then comes the round of musical church appointments.

I've gone from wanting the grand, magnificent, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral for the ceremony to seeking the quaint, homey, familiar, and still gorgeous appear of St. Alphonsus (also where my parents were married, grandfather's funeral, and the priest there baptized me). I've flip flopped between these two options about eleventy billion times in the last two and a half weeks.

Gulf Hills Hotel and Conference Center
Then there's the reception venue. I had my heart set initially on a St. Alphonsus ceremony and Gulf Hills reception. Gulf Hills is the neighborhood where I live, it's got a golf course and a charming ballroom and hotel nestled among the live oaks along the bayou. Elvis stayed there during the summers of his hey-day and my grandfather used to work there and then basically laid the foundation for the entire neighborhood. It's got history, charm, great views, and SUCKY policies. I had tears in my eyes as the event coordinator toured us through the Love Me Tender, Love Me Suite where I can just imagine myself spending my last night as a single girl with my bridesmaids in tow. And then came the heartbreaking policy conversation, the event is limited to 4 hours and you have to purchase your alcohol from them (Kevin wants to take care of that). I realize 4 hours is probably longer than the new Mr. and Mrs. Kowalewski will want to stay, but I want my family and friends to be able to party into the night if that's what tickles their fancy. Room block here? Yes. Reception? Eh...

Sacred Heart Center
So then came another option, the Sacred Heart Center, the parish hall adjacent to Nativity BVM. Beautiful venue, a renovated schoolhouse, GIANT windows letting in lots of sunlight to kill the party mood since we'd likely have to have a daytime wedding. This venue also comes with a hefty fee. It's still a viable option though.

And then the groom, affectionately called groomzilla starting today, fell in love with a third venue. The brand spanking new Biloxi Visitor's Center. It's a gorgeous building, reasonable fees, is also a museum, and is unavailable on the dates we have churches available. GREAT. It's got an awesome view of the beach, the lighthouse, a magnificent porch to watch the sunset on. But neither of us have been there. Sooooo we're doing that this weekend.

I'm still working to find a date that will make everyone happy, and preferably one that will include the photographer I've had my heart set on for quite some time now, Lisa Tilley.

Hopefully during groom's visit this weekend we'll make a decision We've got meetings with a priest, a DJ, possibly a caterer, a photographer, and plan to check out a venue or two or three.

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  1. oh sheila good luck with all of that. all the planning is so worth it in the end, but remember to do what you want. don't worry about trying to include all the people bc if they cared about you they are going to make it work. everything will work out just be happy with what you choose. LOVE YOU and let me know if you need any help <3 .


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