February 23, 2012

Project: WEDDING

I've been debating where to house my wedding planning stories and woes. I have this blog as my project blog, and boy is this going to be the mother of all projects. I also have a blog that Kevin and I started back in August after he bought a domain name for us (a little premature, ya think). But I may use that domain name to give out on our save the dates to route to our theknot site I'm creating.

So I guess I've just talked myself through that. The Project Chick is getting married! I know I've slacked at posting craft related stuff, it's been a roller coaster ride since Christmas, but I'll post some of the stuff I'm working on outside of wedding planning. But I'm going to try and give the blog a wedding makeover.

This was at a Mardi Gras ball a few hours after the proposal!

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