May 18, 2014

"You're Going to be a Grandma!"

So I'm in my third trimester now... Yes, really. We're just 12 short weeks (or less) away from having our Baby Girl here in our arms. Since 28 weeks have quickly come and gone, I figured now was as good of a time as any for me to share with y'all how we told our moms/families the big news.

If you know me, then you know that Mama Bear Humphrey and I are very close and keeping this news a secret from her for EIGHT weeks was hard. But as soon as we got that BFP (big fat positive), Kevin asked me if we could tell his family first, since they live 10 hours away and won't be around the baby as much as my family. 

His request made sense and I agreed, so I struggled to keep our big secret through numerous Christmas outings with my family and smiled and nodded through the usual questions of, "When are YOU going to start a family!?" I just knew my mom was going to figure it out. But she didn't. Although now she says that she thought I'd changed makeup, because one day that she saw me, I was just glowing.

I knew right away how I wanted to tell them and I quickly found an artist out of New Orleans who could make what I wanted. I found Rhythms of Grace on Etsy and she was happy to create 2 custom handpainted ornaments that our moms would open as a Christmas present.

We told Kevin's mom first, on Christmas morning in St. Louis:

And we told my mom 3 days later once we were back in Mississippi:

The moms got the same ornament and the dads got this cute coffee mug (ordered from Cafepress). While the future grandpas were equally excited, their reactions weren't on film like the grandmas. So you'll just have to imagine they reacted the same way. ;)

P.S. As cute as the reactions were of the grandmas-to-be, my favorite part of both videos is how you can hear Kevin's giggle as he's recording.

For my readers who are mamas, how did you tell your parents the big news?

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