March 13, 2012

Observation: bobby pins are like roaches

Just a quick humor break in the midst of moving (back into parents' house to save money for wedding, this is the beginning of a wild adventure), I had this epiphany tonight while clearing out the remnants of my bedroom in my first and favorite apartment.

You know how dinosaurs and wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers and all those prehistoric animals were here a long, long time ago and then died and were gone forever? But those roachy pests crawling below their feet somehow managed to make it through whatever catastrophic event it was that did them in, right?

I predict that hundreds of years from now, when I am nothing but a pile of dust (maybe the rest of us humans are all gone, too, who knows), that just as there will still be roaches, there will still be bobby pins.
These are authentic bobby pin specimens with  human hair still attached to them!

I believe the blonde ones I usually purchase are especially efficient at reproducing and scattering, much like their roach cousins. The photo above shows the number of bobby pins I found embedded in my carpet on the THIRD time of crawling around on my hands and knees to try and save them from their imminent doom of the vacuum cleaner.

Maybe if someone finds this blog a million years from now, they'll remember me as the girl who predicted that bobby pins would outlast the humans. Or something like that. :)


  1. You better take an inventory of these things. I don't want to find them all over the place when we are married.

    1. Oh okay, I'll make you a deal then, you don't leave your size 12 shoes in the middle of the floor creating a neck-breaking tripping hazard for me, and I'll try to keep up with my bobby pins. Deal?

  2. HAHAHA You predicted it! you'll get credit, Im sure. Kevin is worried about these little critters getting out of control, and i dont blame him!


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