March 10, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress: Part 1

Today I went for my first round of trying out wedding dresses. I went into the appointment, KNOWING we would not buy anything. Not that I have anything against David's Bridal, but I have my heart set on going to this shop in Metairie that several people have recommended.That being said, I believe my disappointing experience was half-my attitude and half-the terrible service and lack of dresses in stock.

I'd been a good girl and registered on their website online beforehand and saved a few gowns to "my favorites." Five dresses total, three were their Vera Wang line. We show up at the store. It's MADNESS. I'd forgotten it's prom season. Not to mention, countless last-minute-shopping spring brides. Even though I'd entered all of my information online, I had to shout it out above the noise to the hostess for her to re-enter it into the system. Strike one. On top of that, a terrible Nickelback song was playing on the store radio. Strike two. Then they immediately tell me that the three Vera Wang dresses I'd saved as favorites aren't in stock because their store doesn't carry them, but they recommend they could order one (after I pay for it) or I could go to Jackson if I wanted to try them on. Mmhmm. OKAY. Strike three.

And now, perhaps I'm at guilt here for having watched a few too many marathons of Say Yes to the Dress, but I was flat out heartbroken when my "bridal consultant" (I say it like that because you can hardly call her that, she's simply stuck in a retail job until she gets through school, OBVIOUSLY) had to go get something out of her car and sent my mom and I to look through the racks and pick out some I'd like to try. Bleh. I'm pretty much over it by now and we had just gotten there.

I grab a few. My consultant shows me to my fitting room, where another bride's entire family and bridesmaids are sitting outside of the door. She then hangs up the dresses and shuts the door saying, "You won't need any help putting these on, huh?" I just kind of mumbled, "Umm... I'll let you know if I do."

To save you all from the gory play-by-play, I'll conclude by saying it wasn't THAT terrible. I accomplished a little of what I'd wanted to, to try on different styles with my body type to see what I liked (not to mention added motivation to stay strong on my diet). The consultant had a nice personality but does not belong in that position. We left there and visited the next-door Men's Wearhouse (which had excellent service) and I found a groom/groomsmen look I really like. I just might need a little guidance on how much I can expect a groomsman to be willing to pay for a tux. I'm pretty desensitized to that since being a bridesmaid (x5) is not a cheap honor and it just comes with the territory that you're going to be forking over some money for a dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, gifts, showers, parties, traveling, hotels, etc. Disclaimer: I don't want to make them spend a ton, but I think under $200 for a tux is reasonable. Right?

Any advice from former or current brides would be a big help!


  1. I went to David's Bridal, and it was horrible. It was a year ago today, actually. We had already bought my dress, but we were looking for a dress for my stepmom, and we had to wander around by ourselves for about thirty minutes before they called our names, then she opened the door and left without another word to us, even when we left. I think it does help to check out your options and shop at least two stores before you buy a dress. I tried on a few at Southern Bride in Columbus by myself, then went later to buy mine.

    ANYWAY. I think a groomsmen should have expenses under $200, but they should probably expect to pay at least $100!

  2. My db experience was terrible as well. Been to two different locations and both had low selection in my size to try on and the consultants weren't willing to help.

    Audrey Kimbrough

  3. Here are my thoughts:
    For your wedding dress try Rosie's in Mobile. I forget the address, but it is kinda close to the mall over there. I found mine there for a pretty decent price. As for the tuxes, our groomsman that needed one paid about $130ish for them. Maybe you can pick out what you want for a tux and then call around and price them at other stores. That is what I did. There is also a store in Gulfport that I looked at, but didn't find anything for my self. It is off Pass Road. I can not remember the name of it, sorry... If you have any questions, just ask! :)

  4. This is such a funny story. i can totally picture it! "you dont need help in there with those 30 buttons up the back - huh?"
    David's Bridal of H'burg - THUMBS DOWN

  5. My sister got her dress from db in Hattiesburg...luckily she found her dress after only trying on 3...BUT...not once did the so called consultant helf...never even helped her put on the dress...the vail...NOTHING!!! Buying your wedding dress is supposed to be one of the happiest parts of getting married..and I learned that when my time comes...David's Bridal will not be on my list of places to look.


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