March 19, 2012

Speaking of Music...

I want to hear some of my followers' (past brides/grooms or not) thoughts on reception music. When it's time for Jesse to start up the DJing, I want a good mix of songs that will get our guests of all generations out on the dance floor. Think KC and the Sunshine Band to get funky, songs that will allow for some sweet slow songs to showcase our nice ballroom dancing skills (hopefully). I'm not opposed to getting a little crunk later in the night, but I don't want my MawMaw and PawPaw's beautiful waltz followed by Baby Got Back.

Suggestions, please! Must plays or absolutely nots! :)


  1. Must plays:
    Cha-Cha Slide

  2. Of course Hoef wants the typical, always annoying, Cha-Cha Slide. hahaha My personal opinion on reception music: it make or breaks the wedding....but I'm not good with suggestions like this. Are you making a wedding website? I would suggest having a guestbook-style music request page. I had a friend that included the website in her save-the-dates and invitations (so all the guests were aware of it- not just Fbook/Twitter friends) and everyone could throw in their opinion. It seemed to work REALLY well. Just an idea! :)

  3. I have actually started a site on The Knot, but I haven't given out the link yet because it isn't finished. I am definitely planning on sending it out on the Save the Dates, though. That's a good idea about guiding people's guestbook entries to leave me a song request. Thanks!

  4. The best "DJ"ing that I have ever experienced was at my cousins wedding. They picked our their songs for all of the special dances and then the DJ starting playing music chronologically...there were songs for the much older people (Frank Sinatra and other jitter bug type music) who only stay for cake and then as the night went on the songs progressed through the 70's (some of the best reception songs) and finally ended up with "our" music (this would include the cupid shuffle and such). It was really awesome because as the older people left the music progressed in to more current tunes.

  5. I like the suggestion by ErinMak5--you know the party animals will be there to the bitter end. Making your older guests comfortable with music they can enjoy and dance to is important. So make a list of your favorite dance songs, ask for your parents input, and go from there. The cupid shuffle, electric slide and all of those line type dances are always a big hit---even at the HS draw down and mardi gras balls. The Twist, Save the Last Dance for Me, Blue Suede Shoes (to go with your Elvis tinged theme), Money, Money (Tommy Shondell); Red Red Wine; also include some Michael Buble/Frank Sinatra/Harry Connick. If your DJ is all you say he is, he should be able to take care of you and your guests.

  6. Love ErinMak5's advice; we did that for our wedding. Our DJ was a good friend so I pretty much threatened to throw him off the pier (wedding and reception was on the Schooner Pier) if he subjected my grandparents and in-laws to booty music, lol.

    The first half of our reception we had easy listening: jazz, Sinatra, Righteous Brothers, Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne, Norah Jones, etc. and then things got cranked up later in the night.

    As everyone else has said, the older generation is usually only there for the first part; plus that's when you're busier greeting everyone and visiting, so it's harder to converse if there's blaring music playing.

    BTW, I know we've only been around each other for random family functions, so I'm enjoying your blog and FB...feel like I actually know you now! =)



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