July 27, 2012


I'm in the midst of what we call "christening week" in my job as Special Event coordinator for a military shipbuilder. SO I have to confess, this blog post was written a few days ago and scheduled to post today. I didn't want to miss my usual monthly countdown, but also didn't want to force myself to have to write a blog post during one of the craziest weeks of my job.

Mr. Groom had a sort of pre-bachelor party this weekend, complete with a deep sea fishing trip with 4 of his 'besties' followed by a night of debauchery on Bourbon Street. I wonder how many nights like that it will take to make those boys realize they aren't 21 anymore? ;) I got to hang with them for a little while Sunday morning before everyone took off, as I was coming into town for "christening week."

I'm writing this post in absolute shock that the wedding is just three short months away. At times I ask myself if planning a wedding in just eight months was the smartest thing to do... But when I step back and consider that the alternative - I think even one day later would have been too much time to wait. Mr. Groom and I are so ready to start our lives together and our wedding day, Day 1, can't come soon enough.

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