July 24, 2012

Here they are... the flower girls!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for me to introduce to you the cutest members of the bridal party (no offense, bridesmaids)... The flower girls! I started out wedding planning saying that I wouldn't have any miniature members of the bridal party, but then quickly decided it would simply be incomplete without a few extra little girls. Since the bridesmaids received a special packet asking them to participate, I thought it only appropriate that the little girls get something too.

Special book

Sweet illustrations
The poem I found online and thought was great
Special flower girl package!
Without further ado, meet Emma and Isabella!

Miss Emma Lynn Grace Ederer is 4 years old and is anxiously awaiting her 5th birthday in January. She enjoys playing with her classmates in her Pre-K class at a local Catholic school. Emma loves to play with her dog, Anna, the sweetest Pit Bull you'd ever meet. Miss Emma just became a big sister and thinks it's so fun now to play with Baby Claire. She also loves reading, putting together puzzles, playing "dress up" and like most coast girls, she LOVES swimming and going out on the boat. You can bet Emma will make a happy plate if you're serving fried fish, cheese pizza, fruit snacks or chicken. No surprise here, her favorite colors are purple and pink! She can't wait until the wedding because she is so excited about wearing a pretty dress and "high heels."
Emma being silly pretending she's Minnie Mouse;
Kris, Heather, Emma and Baby Claire at Claire's Baptism;
Beautiful Emma during her photo shoot :)
Emma's mommy, Heather and I are first cousins, so I definitely wanted to include her in our big day. Emma is the daughter of Kris and Heather Ederer, and I was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding back in April of 2010. 

The other half of my flower girl duo is Miss Isabella Grace Burks. She, too, is 4 years old, and will blow out her candles in November. She is also in Pre-K class at a local school. Isabella has a cat, named Madison, who is actually older than she is, Madison the Cat is 11 years old! Isabella loves to sing and dance and takes both ballet and tumbling classes. A very girly girl, she also loves to play "dress up" and try on Mommy's heels and carry a purse. Every now and then, Isabella can be caught playing cars with her big brother Dawson, though. Of course her favorite color is pink and she loves sausage pizza. Isabella is most excited about being in the wedding because she can't wait to wear a fancy dress!

Bella posing before her dance recital this summer;
Charlie, Donna, Dawson, and Isabella arriving at Disney World earlier this year;
Bella meets Beauty and the Beast's Belle :)
A special family connection ties Isabella to me. A very long time ago, in the early 60s, my mom and Aunt Debbie were flower girls for their Aunt 'Net's wedding. Aunt 'Net's daughter Donna, then was my mom's flower girl in my parents' wedding. I, then, was the 'guest-book girl' for Donna's wedding. Now, guess what? Isabella is the daughter of Donna and her husband Charlie. Although Aunt 'Net left us far too soon after a battle with cancer, we know she'll be smiling down on all these special girls on October 27.

Isabella was so excited when she got her Flower Girl present she couldn't stop giggling and demanded that her mommy, Donna, read it right away! She was so touched by being asked to be flower girl that she even decided to give her brother, Dawson a job at the wedding. Since the last wedding they attended had bubbles, she deemed Dawson to be the Bubble Boy. Although we're not planning on having bubbles, we'll have to find something very special for Dawson to do. :)

It definitely seems as though I picked the right two little ladies to stand by my side - they both love playing dress up and can't wait to wear the fancy dress! That's kind of the way I feel about the wedding day, too!

Leave a comment telling me how memorable the addition of a flower girl or ring bearer made your wedding! Or just leave some sugar for Emma or Isabella. :)


  1. Awwh! Yay for Emma!! :)

  2. They will be adorable! If you're thinking of having dress made for them, mom has made quite a few lately.

  3. How sweet! Our ring bearers fought the entire time before walking down the aisle. Because of our (my) crazy family tree, we had 3 ring bearers and 3 flower girls (one flower chick got sick so we only ended up with 2). One of the flower girls cried because she didn't have a basket to hold down the aisle so my mom quickly scanned the church for a random basket for her to hold. SOMEHOW they all made it down the aisle (a wagon painted brown was involved) but I never even noticed them, nor did I care if they made it to the end or not. I was ready to be Mrs. Wilson and that's all she wrote. :)


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