July 11, 2012

It's here!

Well the Southern Proper Monograms wooden cut-out I've been rattling on about has finally arrived! I love how it turned out, and although I'd originally had plans to paint it, I'm really digging the natural finish.

But my plans for this bad boy are for it to go forth and multiply! This crafty lady is about to get crazy with some posterboard and trace some duplicates to put all over the place at the wedding reception. Why? Well I'm not sure. But why not? :)

I want to know what my other crafty friends would do to something like this? I LOVE comments and hearing from y'all so bring. it. on.


  1. I've seen clients create a vinyl cutout of their monogram for the dance floor... less expensive that a light monogram and looks great.

  2. I love it! There are so many places you could incorporate a monogram (I put ours everywhere: menus, cupcake picks, paper straw flags, programs, etc, etc, etc, lol). That could be a fun spin on a traditional guest book. Depending on how many guests you're having, they could sign the wood, or you could mount it on something to be signed... then hang/display it in your house!

  3. Ohhh! I was going to suggest guest book too! My sister used a monogram for their sign in & now have it hanging in their home! Also, if you are going to duplicate it, you could go smaller scale, paint/glue moss and voila substitutes for wreaths for the from door of the church/reception.

  4. Thanks, ladies! Y'all are awesome! I've got a wrap on my guest book situation, but I definitely have gotten some good ideas!


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