July 15, 2012

Mid-month update: July

I've always heard people say how things just begin to fall in place with wedding planning. I always thought they were liars. Or just extremely lucky. I think we are finally getting to that phase of our planning. Sheesh, we're almost 3 months out, THANK GOD things are finally getting right.

We've finally got our caterer nailed down. After much deliberation between two of them, I've decided to go with Broome's Catering out of Ocean Springs. I won't mention the other contender, but we basically are going with Broome's because of their amazing prices and the ease of communication with the owner, Buddy. He's extremely easy to work with and totally willing to compromise when it comes to menu changes or substitutions. I will admit I did have some initial hesitation going with them, the pictures on their website aren't too impressive. But they were at the Premier Bridal Show today in Biloxi and the presentation was much better, which is more along the lines of what you'll see on October 27. :) I snapped a few quick pics of them in action.
Fruit, cheese, and veggie trays. YUM!

Close-up of the cheese and veggie trays.

Some of the awesome seafood options. CRAB DIP, come to mama!

The carving station.
We accomplished a biggie today, as a matter of fact. My main goal in going to the Premier Bridal Show today was to catch up with the wonderful Susie Davis at A Plan to Remember. Worries about day-of activities have been driving me crazy and causing #momzilla and me to battle nearly every day (sometimes multiple times per day). Yep. That's right, folks, I'll cut to the chase: We hired a wedding coordinator! That sound? Oh, that was the 15 monkeys falling off my back.

Now don't y'all worry, though, I'm still doing the pre-planning stuff. You'll still be getting my updates about the mundane activities of my last 3 months as a Humphrey.

But Susie is going to save the day, she'll come in for the rehearsal and day-of the wedding. In a way, she gets to play devil's advocate. :) She gets to be bossy mean give directions to my family and friends when it would be inappropriate for me to do so... You know... Like when it's time to walk down the aisle and dad has his boutonniere on the wrong side of his tux coat.

Anyway - That's all I've got for tonight.

Tell me what kind of posts you'd like to see, followers!

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  1. Love reading all about your planning! Brings back so many memories! I wish I could plan another one! :)

  2. I am anxious to see the Flower Girls!!

  3. That's the best move any bride can make...hiring a day-of coordinator! Everyone will thank you for not trying to do it on your own. :)


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