October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Blog!

For those of you faithful readers, I'm sure you remembered this, but in case you didn't - today is our birthday! The Project Chick blog has been up and running since this very first, infant post 1 year ago today.

It's only fitting that the 1st birthday should come only 2 days before the culmination of my biggest project yet (also, the project that's kept me from doing other projects).

Moving forward after the wedding, I want to really get the blog off the ground. I've managed to gain a nice number of followers using The Project Chick as my Twitter handle and I'd like to keep it growing. I'm even known by my Alma Mater's president as only "The Project Chick," so it would seem that the name sticks. :)

I'm sharing my goals so that I'll have a better chance of fulfilling them. I want to get some graphic design help and grow out of the Blogger-provided template. Content-wise I want to share the projects that I am planning and will plan for my first year of marriage. Cooking projects, organizing projects, any project I undertake in order to make mine and Kevin's lives easier, I will do my best to document and share with you.

How's that for a birthday celebration and plan for the next year?! Sure beats spanking The Project Chick! :)

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