October 22, 2012

5 days: 5 fun facts

Today I worked my last day as Sheila Humphrey! I'll return after 2-weeks of wedding and honeymoon time as Sheila Kowalewski! I was thinking I should post quickly tonight.

We're at our 5-day countdown and as I was finishing up our wedding programs I discovered 5 fun facts:

1.There are 3 bridesmaids with the middle name, Marie. Including me, there's 4 of us. Sheila Marie. Amy Marie. Jean Marie. And Nicolette Marie. Thanks, mid-80s, we're all super glad to have such a unique middle name! :) (Did I mention my Aunt Suzy and future mother-in-law Shelley are also Maries?)

2. There are 3 groomsmen with the middle name, James. That's also Kevin's grandpa's first name.

3. Kevin's grandmother's nickname was "Tillie" - our photographer for the wedding is Tilley Photography. ;)

4. We will have two priests at the wedding: Father Henry McInerney, who baptized me on November 16, 1986 and Father Paddy Mockler, who married my parents over 32 years ago. They're both Irish and they will both make you laugh. Fact.

5. Our altar server, Johnathon Goff, was my homecoming date my senior year, I had a crush on him for a little while in high school... He's now in his 4 year studying to become a priest.

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