June 27, 2012

Four richer, Four poorer: FOUR MONTHS LEFT

Most intense countdown of my liiiife!
The days/weeks/months seem to be ZOOMING by as I'm scrambling to stay above water. Between my crazy work schedule (as an event planner), planning a wedding of my own, and trying to keep y'all (my faithful followers) in the loop - I can barely make heads or tails of what the heck is going on!

I've tried my wedding dress on 3 times now, and fall deeper in love with it each time (even though one of my grandmothers told me it looked better on the Charlize Theron-esque model from the website). We're heading to St. Louis next week for an engagement party/4th of July party with my future family. To-do items are slowly making their way into the 'done' category, but I still feel like there is SO much left to do.

Even with all these mountains being moved to make this wedding a success, it still doesn't feel real to me yet. I have to pinch myself when I think that in just 4 short months I will be someone's WIFE. Holy crap, I can't even keep my bedroom clean, and I'm about to be someone's wife?! It's going to be an adventure I can't wait to begin.

Up next: We're booking our honeymoon this week, so I'm drafting a post now designed to make you all wish you were going with us. ;)

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