June 8, 2012

First wedding gift!

When I got home from work this afternoon, I had the sweetest surprise waiting for me at my doorstep. These two packages from Amazon, that I knew I hadn't ordered, had me puzzled. I quickly opened them to find that I'd received my first two wedding gifts from our registry! A while back my sweet groom set up a registry on Amazon and we got two items from there!
The first gift. :)

My awesome cousins in Louisiana (Richard, Kim, and the girls) sent us a set of margarita glasses and the salt rimmer to go with them! A very cool first gift, especially considering our love of margaritas! Getting these gifts today really made it feel SUPER REAL that I will become someone's wife in a matter of months!

I'm glad I'd already stocked up on Thank You notes early on in this engagement, so I'm ready. :)

I am hoping to use this rainy weekend to tackle some wedding to-dos (especially since the groom is out of town for a bachelor party).

Happy weekend everyone!

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