June 25, 2012

Monograms are a Southern Girl's Best Friend

Before the trend in popular wedding decor, Southern girls have always loved their monograms. As babies we have blankets and pillows bearing our initials, all through high school, my cheerleading duffle bags were embroidered with them, and of course, when I went off to college, my pillow cases and towels were labeled "MINE" by three little letters, SHM.

This is a different font than ours will be,
but you get the general idea. 
So it should come as no surprise that when a Southern girl gets married, it's a coming-of-age of sorts to start getting things in her new initials. Now, I loved having SMH plastered all over everything growing up, so it will take some getting used to seeing SMK (still trying to decide if I should use SHK).

For all things wedding-related, however, I've chosen to incorporate mine and Mr. Groom's new, joined, initials. Our "wedding logo" will incorporate this monogram. I'll unveil it shortly, it's still being edited by my wonderfully talented graphic artist bff and matron of honor, Laura Maxcy.

I have been dreaming of ways to emblazon our wedding monogram all over the dang place at the wedding and reception. I found a nice, glorious way of doing this in the form of an 18-inch wooden cut-out of our initials. I've ordered it and soon it will be mine, all mine, to do with what I please... If you're a monogram loving fool like I am, you should give Southern Proper Monograms a look-see. They will slap a monogram on just about anything and they have reasonable prices. Check it out!

For my fellow Southern ladies, tell me where else you used your monogrammed initials for your wedding or in your homes? Also any advice on choosing SMK vs. SHK would be great! I love my middle name, but I also would like to still use the H for my last name as well?

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  1. I say keep the middle, and drop the Humphrey


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