January 2, 2012

First Post of 2oh12

Recap: My lack of bloggaging as Christmas neared was due to the fact that I tried to cram 290534598 zillion DIY gifts into 2 weeks. Okay, not really that many, all I really did was finish Wren's quilt and I made the beau-friend a cornhole board set thanks to a lovely online cheat sheet. Here's how mine ended up. Since I WAY overestimated how ginormous these things really are (I thought a 2'x4' box would fit in my suitcase, d'oh), I had to present them like so for the Christmas morning gift presentation:
Photo of finished cornhole boards and 2 corn bags.
I finished Project: Baby Quilt while Mama Erinn was still in the hospital from her emergency appendectomy and the times I've visited since then, and the times I've visited since then we haven't gotten around to snapping some pics of Baby Wren with her quilt. But here are the shots I got before it left my apartment.

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