December 14, 2011

Sneak peek(s)!

I'm getting closer each night to finishing the binding on Baby Wren's quilt. Sadly the shower for her mommy at work got canceled due to an emergency appendix removal (bummer). So I'm just trying to finish it now to bring to the hospital for baby.

I've also just gotten back my quilt from Janet's Quilting Bee where I let them quilt my creation from class, if you've been following my progress on Facebook, this is my (almost) finished product. I'll tackle the binding after Christmas.

Here are the pictures!

Finished quilt top. I AM IN LOVE.
Finished quilted back, notice that cute little guy, bottom left. ;)
I did this little applique of the wren on my own, it looks neater now though.

ALMOST done with all of the binding, this was 2 nights ago,
so I've only got 1/2 of a side left now.
My quilt from class at Janet's.


  1. your a busy bee... very impressive and they turned out so beautiful. baby is going to love this aunty to the max!! i can't wait to see what your going to be doing next!!

  2. Sheila, I had no idea you could/liked to sew. Very nice work! Rebecca and I like to quilt also.


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