October 31, 2011

Project: Baby Quilt

So my good friend, coworker, and evil twin, Erinn Carty, is expecting a mysterious baby within the coming weeks. I say mysterious because she's not found out the sex, so whether the world is about to be blessed with a new baby boy or girl is a mystery to all! In my recent crafting spree and since I'm taking this quilting class, I thought a quilt would be the perfect gift for Baby. Now I had considered waiting until Baby is born to make the quilt, but a mid-November birthday means this baby is going to need a warm quilt ASAP. So I dug through my trusty ol' craft box and found this set of lovely fabric squares I'd bought a year or so ago on Etsy. I found a simple pattern to follow using squares I've learned in quilting class, and voila. I went to Hancock Fabrics tonight and bought a nice khaki Kona Cotton as the filler fabric.
Here's the beginning. I'll update as I go...

Inspiration photo
Scattered 5 inch squares

I then pressed the neutral squares to the printed fabric
Action shot of the ironing
Okay, here's where I get a little crafty. I don't have my 
1/4 inch foot yet  and I don't trust myself to eyeball a 1/4 inch seam. 
So I drew my line down the diagonal and then measured 1/8 in. on each 
side for my seams to make the half-square triangles

After stitching the seams. 
My cheating method of drawing the lines helped a lot!
First two I finished and squared off. 
The quilt will be comprised of 80 squares just like this.

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