November 11, 2011

Progress on Project: Baby Quilt

So as Erinn is inching closer and closer to her Nov. 15 due date, I'm trying my best to finish this quilt so the baby can have it by maybe Christmas. We're actually crossing our fingers for an 11-11-11 birthday. But anyway - here's an update on the quilt progress. I've gotten all of the squares sewn into rows. Next I'll sew the rows together. I have that strip of fabric beside the quilt because I plan to do a pretty thick border to give it some more size. Right now the quilt measures around 28 inches wide by approx. 36 inches tall.

Without further ado, here's what we're looking like at this point:


  1. that is fantastic!!!!!!! that baby is going to be so lucky being rapped inside this quilt... great job sheila!!!

  2. You are awesome! What a nice quilt =)


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