October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Blog!

The Project Chick lives, y'all! I have risen from the piles of thread and scraps of fabric from which I've been hibernating and leaving you, my faithful readers, to wonder what in the world I'm up to! 

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been a busy bee selling dog bandanas and have new items I'm rolling out soon. I've had two whopping big events for work this month and Sunday my handsome husband and I will celebrate one full year of a roller coaster start to our marriage.
I have high hopes that our 2nd year of marriage will be less dramatic. Well, at least I hope it will involve less surgeries. :) 
I'm going to take this ol' 2nd birthday of the blog as a segue back into writing here again. Even if no one reads it, it's good for me to keep writing.
Happy 2nd birthday to The Project Chick!
Quick request for ideas on how to celebrate a 1st wedding anniversary?! We have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday and are trying not to break the bank... AND GO!

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  1. Glad you are back writing. I look forward to more interesting stories.


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