August 4, 2013

New look and big news!

Well hi there faithful followers. You may notice a new look to the page, well we have even bigger news to go with the new look!

We are now... The Project Chick, LLC.!

Almost 2 years ago I hatched this name to use for my blog as a way to catalog my crafty projects and now, my medical melodramas. And really, the name just kind of stuck. I am the project chick. Following Relay for Life in April, I began getting requests for more of my Dog Bandanas that I'd made to sell as a fundraiser for my team, Check Your Neck.Well my dutiful husband decided that I couldn't just start selling these things on my own, that I needed to become official. He filled out the LLC paperwork, and here we are!

Once I get going, I'll transition to a real website and/or Etsy store, but for now I'm taking orders through my Facebook page, you'll be redirected there if you follow:

Happy shopping!

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