March 4, 2013

Slipping Duvet Cover: Problem Solved!

So one of the things Mr. K was most adamant about for our wedding registry was he wanted a separate duvet and duvet cover. I'm more inclined towards quilts, myself, naturally, but I decided to let this be something that he got to "win." We were given a very comfy duvet by one of Mr. K's groomsmen and bought a beautiful duvet cover with our gift cards to Bed Bath and Beyond.
This was meant to be a 'before' pic for when
we refinish our bedroom furniture.
Anyway, so I love our duvet cover, but we have been having issues with the duvet sliding down and getting all bunched up at the bottom. Pretty much what we Southerners would call "CATTY WOMPUS." Yeah, I'll wait here while you look that one up, but have no fear, I've linked it for ya. You're welcome. :)

So I noticed, as many duvets do, that our comforter actually has these clever little loops on the corners. Our cover, however does not did not have the corresponding ties. Well. I fixed that right up in a hurry. This was a quick, 30 minute project I whipped up before going to the Garden Show with my mom Saturday morning. Very simple, just follow along with the pictures for directions.
Handy loops I mentioned above. Already on duvet.
I did a rectangle stitch with a zig-zag for extra strength
to attach this craft ribbon I had leftover from Jean's shower
Just like that! Just tie your ribbons around the loops and you're done! 


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