December 18, 2012

T'was the night before Surgery...

... And all through the house, The Project Chick was scurrying around like a scared little mouse.

Okay - I've gotten the nightmares to simmer down and I've just accepted the fact that having the surgery in the morning is the right thing to do. I'm just grumpy about it. I haven't bought the first Christmas gift (so if you're on my list, I'M SORRY, my health is my gift to you)... :) I've bought 2 new pair of house shoes and 3 pajama sets preparing for the hospital stay and what I expect will be daily visitors to our cozy little abode.

I've seriously gained a ridiculous amount of weight since the wedding. I'd tell you what the poundage is, but I haven't reached that level of acceptance with this yet. I guess the weight gain is a combination of no longer being super-duper-low-carb-500-calories-a-day and my thyroid woes. Whatever it is, I hope I can get it straightened out ASAP. I have one pair of jeans that don't make me feel like a loaf of bread wrapped with thin twine and even then, it ain't pretty.

In the week following my c-word news, I was blessed to receive some "happies" from some very special people in my life. See what's made me smile in the last week:

Shirt from the Kelsey Wynne Foundation,
via Sharon (Holcomb) McCrary, she
was one of my Big Sisters in Jesters at MUW
Kelsey's Story, check out her website

Poinsettia and wreath
Giant poinsettia from Mrs. Dana Corso,
sweet friend of the family

Wreath from my best frans:
Jean, Laura, Meg, Chelsey, Anne Franklin
Because of the wise advice of my uncle
telling me that to cure cancer I needed
to start "SLUGGING" lemon juice
my twin sister Erinn got me some! :)

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