December 31, 2012

Meet our Baby (puppy)!

Friday evening we trekked over to Lafayette, Louisiana to meet the little fella who we now know and love as Louie, our Australian Shepherd puppy baby. He's been with us a few days now and is finally warming up to us. Translation: He's in to everything! I didn't grow up with a dog in our house so it's an adjustment for me to get used to hearing a crying pup in the middle of the night. He's so sweet but so BAD at times.

We picked him up and he was kind of smelly because it had been storming and he first met us when he was outside, so the first place we took him was PetSmart in Lafayette to get a bath so that we could endure the 3 hour trip back home. He'd been through a lot already at that point, I guess, because the poor little guy threw up all over Mr. K right in the middle of the store (immediately after his bath, mind you). Following that fiasco, we were ready to get in the car and come home. He threw up again on his Grandmama Wanda in the car, so we had to stop and clean that up. Needless to say, it'll be a little while before Mr. Louie is going on any other lengthy roadtrips.

Here are the basics on Baby Louie so far. :)

Name: Louis Kowalewski "Louie" or "King Louie"
Birthday: October 27, 2012 Yes - he was born on our wedding day, we think it's fate too.
Parents: Cezar and Kurus (Cezar's mom's name is Sheila, so yes, it's definitely fate)
Namesake: Mr. K's hometown of St. Louis
Fur color: Red and White tri color
Eye color: The sweetest shade of honey you've ever seen
Things he's learned so far: How to respond to the word NO!
Things broken so far: Sheila's Holiday Barbie Christmas tree ornament
Favorite toy: Duckie
First movie watched with mommy: Meet Me in St. Louis, he loved it!

Since he's pretty much Facebook's favorite puppy at this point, I want to share some of the never-before-posted pics here. I usually post pics from my phone to Facebook, so these were taken with my Canon Powershot Elph.
Right after we picked him up, Grandmama Wanda
helping hold back the smelly puppy.
Our photoshoot on the kitchen floor his first night at home.
His highness is ready for his close up.
Movie time with mommy while Mr. K was out shopping.
Notice Barbie's missing sleeve
and broken candy cane. Bad Louie!

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  1. Your dog is so cute! I love looking at the pictures of him : )


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