August 20, 2012

Project Dinner Night 1: Chicken Piccata

This isn't our plate, but I'm goofy and forgot to take a pic of ours.
Well tonight proved to me that I have a bleak future in writing a foodie/cooking blog. I arrived at the house to find Mr. Groom finishing up cooking our first emeals dinner, I watched him cook, milled around the house, and ate our wonderful dinner... ALL while forgetting to take a picture so I could blog about it. Thankfully, my friend Google helped me find a decent picture of someone else's version of the dinner.

Other than my sweet fiance' forgetting that the whole object of the plan is to buy ingredients that will make more than one meal (he used the whole package of chicken rather than reserving half for a meal later this week, same with the mushrooms), the dinner was great. The upside to his accidental use of more ingredients is that we had leftovers for his lunch today. 

While my lovely photo source shows green beans accompanying the lemon and white wine flavored chicken, we had asparagus. I love mushrooms and capers and both were in this yummy sauce with our chicken.

Like I said before, eating a low-carb diet you get used to lots of monotonous dinners of chicken and vegetables, but I was glad for our first night we kind of stuck to that, but made the chicken a little more interesting!

Tomorrow night's dinner: Eggplant Casserole!

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