May 27, 2012


Y'all. It's the fifth month of the year and it's five months til the big day! Can you believe it?! We had our engagement party earlier this month, on the fifth day of the fifth month. Sometimes it's by accident that 5s just appear in my life (I also graduated high school in 2005). But quite a few of you know, I REALLY do have an affinity for the number five. For those of you wondering what the fuss about the fives is all about, in college I was a member of the Jester Honorary Social Club, you pledge as a junior and only 12 girls are selected. We are given #s 1-12 and each number has different (secret) meanings within the club. I am my line's #5. :)

Five months out and I'm really ahead on some of my to-dos and really behind on others. Oh, you know, like sending out Save the Date cards. I've got a list of excuses a mile long, but they'll be out soon, y'all, I promise.

So instead of my usual monthly ONE number representing how many months are left, I'm going to share a mini gallery of my favorite number 5s!

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