May 9, 2012

And the bridesmaids are...

I knew almost immediately after getting engaged (truth be told, I knew before then) who I wanted to be standing beside me when I say, "I do." A handful of lovely ladies who mean the world to me for varying reasons are going to be my bridesmaids and I am so happy they've all agreed that they can handle it.

Each bridesmaid received a package in the mail officially asking them if they'd be my bridesmaid. I'm sure some of them already suspected this, but nonetheless, since they are scattered from Ocean Springs to Tuscaloosa to Missouri, I wanted everyone to be asked in the same fashion. Call me Bridezilla, call me overboard if you'd like, but this is the way I asked my girls.

Small info packet tied together with the book,
"You Can Wear It Again." It was a book
showing all sorts of crazy bridesmaids dresses
Page detailing the ugly truth of being a BRIDESMAID
The date requirements
The others
Letting them know how they can stalk me. :)
Some of my inspiration put into photos.
Everyone's book included a personal note and pic of me and them. :)
 And now... the line-up... (drumroll please)

My best friend and former roommate, Laura Foster Maxcy will be Matron of Honor. She and I both attended Governor's School together in the summer before our senior year of high school. We randomly met up again at an Ole Miss visit day. We chit-chatted there and both mentioned that we were also considering The W. We saw each other again Scholar's Day and also again at the Hearin Leadership Conference. After we both landed scholarships that made our parents very happy, we decided to be roommates. :) She's the only person I've lived with for over a year in college that still speaks to me. As a graphic artist, she's very talented at creating works of art with the simple movement of her computer mouse. I was Laura's maid of honor at her own wedding nearly 3 years ago, she and her husband John now live in Fulton, Mississippi with her very talkative cat, Nancy Grace.
My cousin Amy Humphrey Gibson is a bridesmaid because for most of our childhood, we were each other's go-to friend. Our dads are brothers and our moms were high school classmates so we took a lot of family trips together. We even ended up both at the same college for a couple years. Amy will always speak her mind and has a true nature of compassion for people (and our four-legged friends), evident in her choice of career as an Occupational Therapist. I was a bridesmaid in Amy's wedding over 4 years ago, she and her husband John now live in Moselle, Mississippi with a fleet of great danes and a spunky poodle, Hamlet.
My college friend and social club sister Jean Manning Goley is a bridesmaid and is often my source of craziness. We were in both of our college social clubs (Silhouettes and Jesters) together and we still feed off of each other's wackiness. It was not uncommon for us to blow off an afternoon class, go to the Dirt Cheap in Columbus, buy a bunch of stupid stuff, and leave presents on our friends' cars while they were in class (Growing Beets for Dummies, eh). Nowadays we're in the same Mardi Gras group, Southernettes, together and we have a good time providing distractions during dance practices leading up to the yearly ball. I was a bridesmaid in Jean's wedding nearly 3 years ago, she and her husband Dusty now live in D'Iberville, Mississippi with their four-legged son Sam.

Next up, is Nicolette Kowalewski (more affectionately referred to by me as Nickylette) as a bridesmaid and my future sister-in-law. With Nickylette being away at college (Missouri University of Science and Technology) and me being down here on the MS Gulf Coast, we haven't had a lot of chances to hang out and get to know each other. I get a lot of insight into her world from following her on Twitter (it's 2012, y'all) and she and I have a similar sense of humor. I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship (she's going to think this is so cheesy, but it's true), going further than just me being married to her brother. Nickylette is currently taking classes and living in Rolla, Missouri.
Anne Franklin Lamar is my next bridesmaid. We first met when we were next door neighbors in our freshman dorm. We lived right down the hall from each other all four years of college, sharing clothes and shoes often. Even though Anne Franklin and I were never in the same social clubs, we hung out all the time and would make midnight snack and energy drink runs to complete papers or study for tests. Anne Franklin was one of the people who first encouraged me to get my first sewing machine and learn to sew/quilt. She and I keep in touch and I love reading her blog, A Dressmaker's Daughter. Anne Franklin is currently living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama studying for her PhD in English at the University of Alabama.
Up next as bridesmaid, I have Meg Redmond. Although Meg and I didn't even meet until she transferred to The W as a junior, we quickly became pals. She pledged Silhouettes under me and got to see what a wacky girl I can be. We really got to know each other and spent a lot of time together our senior year, trying to make the most of our last year of college. One night, in particular, we climbed the side of the student center and made our way onto the roof, getting a nice view of campus! Meg had an awesome apartment and hosted many girls' nights for our group of friends. Meg is a gardening goddess! This girl has got plants and flowers for DAYS. Meg is a speech and language pathologist living in Jackson, Mississippi with her sweet and sassy dog Ellie.

My youngest bridesmaid is my cousin Barbara Nan Seymour. Before she was even born, I was so excited to have a little girl cousin to play with and teach so many things. Even though I'm 12 years older than her, Barbara Nan and I have always been close and there was no doubt that I would ask her to be a bridesmaid in our wedding. To be such a young lady, she's got great style and is a texting and tweeting maniac. Barbara Nan is just finishing her 8th grade school year and lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, she has a feisty and spoiled, little malti-poo, Lexie.
Last on my list only because I did this in alphabetical order is my final bridesmaid, Chelsey Herron White. Chelsey and I pledged Silhouettes together our freshman year and Jesters in our junior year. Needless to say, we've been through a lot together. Chelsey is one of the most genuine and honest people I've ever met. It's even been said that I talk a little more country when I'm around her. ;) Chelsey is very crafty and is an awesome artist and photographer. I've often been jealous that I never had an art teacher like her when I was younger, she is surely an inspiration to her students. I was in Chelsey's wedding over two years ago, she lives in Vernon, Alabama with her husband Jaleb and two sweet beagle doggies.

And there you have it, folks. My roster of bridesmaids! I haven't asked my flower girl(s) yet, when I do, I'll do a sweet little post about them!

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