April 15, 2012

Project: Recovery

So I'm very embarrassed about how long it's been since my last post. Even given the best excuse I have, I should have been posting on my blog! Just a quick update on why I've been less than active in my wedding planning and in the blog-o-sphere.

Determined to Travel
I planned to spend Easter in St. Louis with Kevin and my future family. The Tuesday before my Wednesday flight to STL I woke up out of bed with what felt like the most intense leg cramp I've ever had. I jumped around for a while, but it didn't go away. This immediately raised a concern with me considering my grandmother had a very similar incident at the onset of her blood clot back in January. I went on to work and dealt with the pain for most of the day. I called in to my gyno since I figured if this was a blood clot, it might have something to do with my using contraceptives. He ordered a blood test, typically successful in detecting blood clots. The doctor himself called me that evening (while I was having a pedicure and having the painful spot on my leg massaged) and told me that the test came back negative, that I should be good to go on my trip. My instincts told me to pursue it further, that I really felt it was a blood clot, but I knew if it was, I wouldn't be able to go on my trip (can we say stubborn).

Easter in St. Louis
Throughout the entire trip to St. Louis, I enjoyed myself but was in pain for most of the time. Visit to the zoo, shopping trips, engagement photo shoot, all these activities I did but while wincing with the pain in my leg. I even visited a lovely little dress shop (that will get its own post) with my future mother-in-law.

By the time Easter Sunday rolled around, it was nearly unbearable to get out of bed for church and I even had to partially sit during the kneeling parts of Mass. As I flew back Monday, I had to hobble through the massive Atlanta airport. I was offered a wheelchair but declined. I visited another dress shop Monday in Mobile when I landed. When we finally got home Monday afternoon, I was exhausted and in pain. Monday night I asked my parents to take a look at my legs and see if anything looked strange. Unbeknownst to me, my left leg was swollen nearly twice the size of my right and it was red. I went to the ER immediately.

Hotel de Hospital
I was admitted to the hospital Monday night with nearly 100% blockage of blood clots in my left leg from my knee to my ankle. Scary. Stuff.


I stayed there through Wednesday and am now home adapting to life on blood thinners. Injections in my stomach twice a day and bloodwork a few times a week to get my Coumadin levels were they should be. My diet no longer can include foods high in Vitamin K (my favorites) like leafy veggies and green stuff. :(

I plan to do some retroactive posting about the recent wedding developments including bridesmaids receiving and accepting my invitations, dress shopping, etc.
Kevin driving us to the zoo.
On our way to have our engagement photos taken.
Loved this flower arrangement!

Thrift store finds! Jackpot!
Not digging the blue gown.
Happiest site of my life, breakfast in bed! ;)

My sweet flowers from family
My trusty friend. I wanted to take this bad boy with me.
I kept accidentally pushing the red button instead of the green.
Sweet fiance was so happy I'm alive, he got me a Kindle!
$70 a pop for these shots. Not very fun.

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