April 26, 2012

Bridal Barbie Dreams

Behold! Wedding Fantasy Barbie, circa 1990
What I'm about to say may surprise some of my readers, but I've been a drama queen my whole life (I can hear you laughing). I lived most of my childhood fighting my mother's notion that, "Children should be seen and not heard." BUT WHY? Life was better when I was singing or dancing or attempting to entertain my fellow Girl Scouts during serious ceremonies.

One thing I WAS serious about, though, was Barbie. I loved Barbies. I loved baby dolls, Barbie dolls, any kind of plastic mannequin toy that I could dress her up, change her shoes, and fix her hair.

I remember as I was approaching my fourth birthday, my gal pals in my preschool class and I would chit chat on the playground and dream about what we wanted for our upcoming birthdays and Christmas. I had my sights set on Wedding Fantasy Barbie. She was everything my sweet little mind thought a bride should be. I just knew that she would be the be-all-end-all of my Barbie collection. She was it. Her beautiful flowing white gown, her delicate veil and corsage. And that choker, oh that choker was to die for! From what I remember, she was pretty expensive as Barbies go and my mom had already prepared me for disappointment by telling me that I would not be getting Wedding Fantasy Barbie for my birthday, maybe Santa would bring it.

I was also seriously a PawPaw's girl. I was his right hand girl, getting to ride in his dump trucks from time to time. So imagine my euphoria when in front of all of my family and friends, at my fourth birthday party, I open... WEDDING FANTASY BARBIE. My PawPaw had secretly gone to the store (which he didn't do very often) to buy me this special Barbie. I was ecstatic! I'm even caught on tape bragging to one of my bffs, "Ninna ninna, I got it before you!" I was such a gracious hostess. :)

While my style may have changed since loving that shiny choker, I'm still so excited to be planning my big day.

Did any of you have that one special toy when you were younger? Or tell me what you dreamed of as your "Wedding Fantasy" as when you were little. AND GO!


  1. This could easily be an excerpt from my life! I still have my barbies packed away, for "future daughters"; however, in reality I can't bear to get rid of one of childhood's greatest treasures. I believe all girls are obsessed with weddings from when we can formulate an idea of one! Besides my barbies, my Mamaw made me a trove of dress up clothes, full bridal gown and veil! LOVED it! I would priss around the house in it and marry myself off to anyone I could convince to stand still! I also had an affinity for Vanna Whites outfits, so Mamaw also made some dresses that resembled Vannas wardrobe! Ha it's hilarious now to think of 4 y.o. Brittany strutting around in my purple one shoulder lame dress asking my teddy bears/barbies/bffs if they would like to "buy a vowel!"

  2. Love this post! I lived and breathed American Girl dolls and books. God bless Mattel. I was also pretty serious about my Ribbon Dancer and would spend hours choreographing dance routines that incorporated The Ribbon.

  3. Hahaha this is so funny! "nah nah! Got it before you!" Like you, I had my eye on a white Gowned beauty, but she was twice as big as Barbie, and had a white hat. She rode barbies horse, midnight, tho, and flirted with the diminutive ken - half her size. Aww the tea parties we had!!

  4. Don't act like your style's changed all that much since that choker... I remember you wearing a one of the Minnie Mouse variety just a few years ago ;)

    1. Bahahhaa you shut your mouth with that blackmail! I know there are photos to prove it, though! I actually got that necklace when I was younger than I was when I got the Barbie. HA!


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