June 21, 2014


As I sit here relaxing in the a/c on a hot, humid Mississippi Saturday morning, I know what I should be doing. I should be writing the Thank You notes for the gifts we received at my baby shower two weeks ago.

I've started a couple times now.
I sit down at the table, Hallmark cards and pen ready to go, accompanied by the notebook pages full of gift givers and the description of their gift.
The last few times I've started this process, I just end up crying.

I generally try to keep my posts light-hearted and funny, but I have just been downright emotional lately and I'm just going to use the scapegoat of HORMONES.

The reason I get so weepy is because I look at the list of names of my wonderful family and friends and realize that for most of them, this is the THIRD time in less than two years that I've sat down to attempt at showing my gratitude on a 3x5 inch piece of cardstock I picked up from the Hallmark shop. This is the third time I've been brought to tears at the generosity and love shown to me by these people. This is the third time in less than two years there's been more love out-poured to me and my little family than some people are fortunate enough to have in their entire lives.

We are so blessed. 

And I don't mean by the nice gifts, the practical items, the fancy outfits or the cutesy baby toys. Those things are great, and I'm thankful that you helped me fill our newlywed home with kitchen gadgets and home essentials in the fall of 2012. I'm also grateful for the home-cooked meals, cards, and gifts you sent last year while I was dealing with a thyroid cancer diagnosis and two surgeries in 3 months.

The real blessing here isn't in those actual items though, it's that we're surrounded by the love and care of so many people who take the time out of their busy lives to do these things for us.

And I just feel completely cheap and unable to completely express my heartfelt gratitude on these little cards when I'm reminded of all that's been done for us.

Alright, but really...  I just wanted to take a moment and write about how thankful I am for the blessings in my life. In other news - I'll be getting the Thank You notes out soon and if you are looking for me the rest of this summer, just look for anywhere with A/C or a body of water and that's where I'll be.

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