June 23, 2013

Cloth Napkins, Be Our Guest

Have you ever wondered what The Project Chick does on a Saturday night at 10:30?
She gets a wild hair to make cloth napkins.
That was she does.

I'd pinned the idea a while back and like most of the other things I 
lust-over-for-a-second-and-then-forget on Pinterest it got pushed aside for other projects. 
I also had the idea when Mr. K and I were at Crate and Barrel on Black Friday
and I saw what they were charging for something I knew I could do...
So I finally did it and I'm going to make more. Super easy.
I'm hoping we'll use them instead of so many paper towels.
Plus, using a cloth napkin is just plain fancy.

If you're a faithful follower, you may recognize this Civil War fabric from the quilt I made in my 
Beginner's Quilting Class at Janet's Quilting Bee. I had enough left over to make 4 napkins.
I started with 12.5" squares.
Next time I'll make them bigger, though. 
My clever napkin folds look a little silly on such a small napkin.
I cut the corners so I could miter them later.
Folded the edges down 1/4"(ish) and then folded the corners in. 
The iron is your friend for this part.
I forgot to take a picture, but after that, I folded it down again and then sewed a continuous seam 
around the edges. Next time I'll make them bigger and might try a double sided design.

In my line of work, I see a lot of unique napkin folds, but I kind of made this one up. 
I also tried a fan design.
I had fun setting the table with our casual china. I don't believe I've ever shown it to y'all, but we still love it. 
It's Mikasa Antique White. Our fine china (not shown here) is Mikasa Cameo Platinum.
Maybe I'll bring that out once we have a bigger house. :)
I love our table settings. The flatware is Easton by Oneida.

And lastly, I just have to brag about our vegetables from our garden. The orange and pepper are store-bought, but everything else, we grew! Don't you just love that bowl? 
It was a wedding gift from Elise, a good friend of mine from college who's got a 
beautiful family of both 2 and 4-legged babies.
Thanks for humoring me by checking out my 10 pics of our old, hand-me-down dining room table. 
One day we'll have a fancy one, but for now, I love the history of this one. 

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  1. Yeah!!! I am so glad that you love your bowl and are getting some use out of it!! I am jealous of your veggies though. We planted a couple of plants this year and only have one roma tomato to show for it.


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