January 20, 2013

One Month Post-Op

Scar covered in glitter. See it? :)
This will probably be my last post in the series of "post-op" entries. I celebrated being 1 month thyroid-less by dancing with my girls in the annual Southernette's Mardi Gras Ball. Now, those not from around here may not realize this, but Mardi Gras is a season here and we take it very seriously. We practice half the year, get all dolled up, stock up on our favorite snacks and drinks and get ready to have a good time. I am glad I felt well enough to go to practice after surgery and I had a great time at the ball.

Louie loved my pink poodle tutu
I'm feeling okay for the most part. My TSH and T4 levels are all kinds of wacky and I feel it. I've had a small anxiety attack, am always tired, and am still dealing with some depression. Don't feel bad for me, though. I'm being doted on by lots of loving family and friends. If you want to feel bad for anyone, feel bad for my sweet husband (of almost 3 months), he's the one that gets to deal with my drama day-in and day-out. I've been trying to do more wifely things like cook dinner every night to make him feel special. haha I think it works!

I do have a couple things that continue to trouble me. As any newlywed can tell you, as soon as people find out you've recently tied the knot, they have no problem asking, "So... When are you going to start a family?" Maybe it's cause we're 26 years old and in South Mississippi that makes us super old to be childless or maybe people just really love to ask this question, but I never know how to respond. Do I just tell them it'll be a little while? Or do I be the complete Debbie Downer and tell them that yeah, we had planned to just let God decide, but now we have to wait a year because of my radiation next month? The whole cancer story happens after that... And then the person feels bad for asking and I feel bad for making them feel bad. Sigh.

Yes, that's me on top of my
new craft table in the Corolla
Anyway - our sweet Louie is definitely keeping us on our toes and is a great practice round before we actually reproduce human offspring. :) Louie. Is. BAD! haha I never knew puppies could be so mischievous, he's lucky he's so darn cute!

SO. I am the project chick after all and I've FINALLY got a craft table in our spare room and I am just days away from being ready to get back into sewing and quilting. Look for that post soon!


  1. Yeah, people have asked us since right after our wedding about kids too. I can't believe how nosy some people can be. After 3 years, we've come up with some pretty creative answers... we like to watch them squirm. it's fun ;)

  2. Nate and I were married 4 years before we had Rhyn and people asked us ALL THE TIME when we were going to have kids. I think it is a very personal decision and just plain rude to ask people that. Nate came up with some very embarrassing answers and people finally stopped asking. I mean, do they not realize that they are essentially asking about your sex life??? Or what if you have been trying and have not been able to conceive. Bottom line - it is no one's business so you don't need to offer any explanation. Enjoy y'alls time together (and with Louie) because it will be invaluable to you when you do have kids (whenever that maybe). And my advice to any married couple is wait as long as possible to have kids. They are hard on a marriage, girl! And naptimes...no more naps...

  3. We got that question all. the. time. Once I finally told people 5 years, they shut up asking. They were surprised to be given such a direct answer!

    I agree with Elise...wait as long as possible. We said 5 years and we celebrate 5 years while 24 weeks pregnant. That's pretty good for not planning this pregnancy!

    Louie is a cutie!! :)

  4. Shelia, I've enjoyed reading your blog & you are so strong and brave. I think you have the right to be a little moody, heck i'm super moody and not sick. You are a true inspiration I think. & as far as kids, not that I don't love my sweet little boy but more time with just your Husband and cute doggie has to be a blessing!! It will happen in all the perfect time, as I have told myself maybe it was our time for a cute little boy.


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